I need an outlet.

That’s why I chose to write.

I need to force myself to choose writing here than to write with blood on my skin.

Never shall I be selfish again.

But honestly, I still cannot feel any progress.

How can you feel so much at the same time feel insensate?

How can words effortlessly go out on a person who’s hurt, but never easy in somebody who’s numb?

I wanna stretch my arms towards Him to ask for rescue, but my grip cannot hold for my hands are tied.

What shall I do to relieve this ache?

Please, tell me.

Tell me.



Copyright to owner

Kindness overflows your cup’s brim.

Radiance from the love of the Lord shines from within.

Impervious as you are God’s beloved and is holistically protected.

Secured from all void the world fills.

Tranquility is your vibe

Innocence seems your look outside

Natural and nurturing are just a few

Ending this love letter with a “happy birthday to you.”



I’ll leave.


From all this chaos.


I’ll go back. From the start.

From where it all began.

Or rather move forward,

wherein you are not the future.

Time will pass by

You’ll be someone new.

Left in thy heart

Pieces of you.



Edited by Lei Magno / CCTO book pages image

Is this pride that hurts me like this, or is it love?

I wish this is just pride disguised as love.

For this pain is as painful as the pain that love brings.

Pleading your apathetic heart to have empathy on what I felt.

Because you did really hurt me no matter denial I declare.

Is it love or is it pride?

Neither of the two.

You are a lesson personified.

A course I will never again take.

For you just make my entirety break.



Lei 🌬

Lei 🌬


That girl who loves the sound of pouring rain, scent of old books and smell of a newly opened car.